Constitution and By Laws of The Travelers Club

Constitution and Bylaws of the Travelers Club Canandaigua, New York

This women’s club shall be called the Travelers Club.
The objective of the Club shall be to promote literary, educational and social activity among its members.
Section 1.
The club shall consist of members in three classes:
a. Active
b. Associate
c. Honorary
Membership shall be limited to forty, exclusive of associate and honorary members.
Section 2.
1. Every active member shall be willing to contribute to the program of the Club once in two years by writing a paper or its equivalent, and shall be willing to entertain once in two years if necessary.
2. New members joining before February begin the responsibilities of entertaining or reading in the year following
3. By application to the Membership Committee, and if unanimously recommended by that committee, an Active Member may change her classification to Associate or Honorary.
1. Associate membership shall be for one year; it may be continued for a second year by vote of the Membership Committee. At the expiration of that time the member must either come back into active membership or resign from the Club. If there is a pressing reason for non-compliance, the Membership Committee may bring the matter to the attention of the club for a decision.
2. Associate members shall not pay dues and may attend meetings, but shall not vote nor hold office.
Honorary membership status may be recommended by the Membership Committee for the following reasons:
1. A member who has served the Club in a distinctive manner.
2. A member of long standing with good and just reasons, who wishes to maintain her close relationship with the Club, but for whom it is not feasible to entertain or prepare papers.
3. A member who has maintained her membership for a period of 30 years.
A two-thirds majority vote, by ballot, of members present at any regular meeting shall be necessary to place a name on the list of honorary members. Honorary members may attend meetings, shall be excused from presenting a paper and entertaining, and shall not pay dues, hold office or vote.
1. Any prospective member shall have first attended a meeting as a guest
2. Any new name proposed for membership shall be recommended in writing to the Membership Committee. The proposal will include background and current information about the individual and be accompanied by letters of support from two other Club members. If favorably acted upon by the Membership Committee, the name shall be presented to the Club at the first opportunity after a vacancy occurs and voted upon at the next meeting.
3. Names should not be discussed when guests or prospective members are present.
4. No member may recommend a name for membership the first year of her own membership.
5. No member may recommend more than one new member a year, unless her candidate fails of election.
6. Three nays shall exclude.
7. Each new member shall subscribe to the rules, pay the necessary dues, and maintain the traditions of the Travelers Club.
Section 1.
The officers of this Club shall be:
a. President
b. Vice-President
c. Secretary
d. Treasurer
Section 2.
The officers shall be elected at the annual meeting and shall serve for one year, or until the election of their successors.
Section 1.
There shall be the following standing committees:
a. Executive
b. Membership
c. Nominating
d. Program
Section 2.
a. The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers and the chairwomen of standing committees.
b. The Membership Committee shall be composed of four members – two to be elected annually by ballot, as officers of the Club are elected, and shall serve for two years. The Membership Committee shall choose its own chairwoman. The President shall be an ex-officio member of the Membership Committee.
c. The Program Committee shall consist of three members, one of whom shall have served previously. The committee shall be appointed by the president no later than the first meeting in February.
d. The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President at the first meeting in October.
Section 1. Regular Meetings
a. Regular meetings of the Club shall be held on alternate Tuesdays, beginning at three o’clock, during a period arranged by the Program Committee.
b. Regular meetings shall at minimum consist of roll call, minutes, officers and committee reports, business, and the reading of the paper, followed by tea.
c. Members may bring guests to regular meetings; no local person being eligible for more than two invitations to regular meetings during the course of one year.
d. Members who are bringing a guest or who are unable to attend a meeting shall notify the hostess.
e. Members who are consistently absent without a reason satisfactory to the Executive Committee, shall be dropped from the Club.
Section 2. Special Meetings
a. At the discretion of the Program Committee, two meetings during the year may be given up to speakers or entertainers from outside the Club. Providing a speaker for a Special Meeting is equivalent to presenting a paper. It is understood that each member may bring one guest to a Special Meeting.
b. The nature of the entertainment shall be subject to the approval of the Program Committee and shall be of special interest.
c. The privilege of having a special meeting may be granted to the same member not more often than once in six years.
d. Members shall not be allowed the privilege of a Special Meeting the first two years of their own membership.
e. The member designated as the reader for the meeting should share hostessing responsibilities with the assigned hostess. The selected venue should be appropriate for the increased size of the group.
Section 3. Annual Meeting
a. The Annual Meeting shall be the last meeting of the year.
b. At this meeting, Officers and Membership Committee members shall be elected, annual reports of the Secretary and Treasurer presented, and any other Club business transacted. The reading of a paper is encouraged.
Section 1.
a. The election of Officers shall be by ballot.
b. A two-thirds majority of the votes cast shall constitute an election.
c. If there are no nominations except those reported by the Nominating Committee, the Secretary may be authorized, unless there is an objection, to cast one ballot for the slate; and the candidates named shall then be declared elected.
Section 2. Election of Membership Committee
a. Two members shall be elected at the annual meeting for terms of two years each.
b. Election of the Membership Committee shall be by ballot and proceed the same as election of the officers of the Club.
Section 3. Elections of Members
a. When a vacancy occurs it shall be announced by the Membership Committee.
b. The Membership Committee shall present a name to the Club only if there is unanimous agreement of the Committee.
c. The election shall be conducted in a confidential manner by the Membership Committee at a subsequent Travelers Club meeting.
d. If there are several names proposed for a single vacancy, it shall be left to the discretion of the Membership Committee as to the order in which these names may be presented to the Club.
e. Any name may be proposed to the Membership Committee at any time but no member may recommend more than one new member a year unless her candidate fails of election.
The members present at any regular or special meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Unless otherwise specified in the Constitution, a two-thirds vote of the members present at a meeting shall be necessary to carry a motion or to elect.
A proposed amendment to the Constitution may be submitted in writing at any regular meeting of the Club. It shall be voted upon at the next meeting, and a two-thirds vote by ballot shall be necessary to pass the amendment.


Section 1.
The officers shall perform the duties usually devolving upon such officers, and shall preside at the meetings in the order named in case of absence of the ranking officer.
Section 2.
The President and Secretary shall be excused from contributing to the program by writing a paper or entertaining during their terms of office. They may be called upon to read or entertain the following year, only if necessary to complete the program.
Section 3.
The Secretary shall not include the names of prospective members in the minutes of a meeting until they have been accepted.
Section 1.
The Executive Committee shall manage such affairs of the Club as need not come before all its members.
Section 2.
The Membership Committee shall consider and act upon names proposed for members. A unanimous affirmative vote of the Committee members shall be necessary to report any name to the Club.
Section 3.
The Program Committee:
a. Shall arrange the program of the Club for the year following its appointment; decide on the dates and places of meeting, and supervise the printing and distribution of the programs.
b. Shall designate the Associate and Honorary Members separately.
c. Shall be responsible for changes in the program during the year.
Section 4.
The Nominating Committee, composed of three members, appointed by the President at the first meeting in October, shall select nominees for officers and two members for the membership committee for the ensuing year, and shall present their names at the annual meeting.
The annual dues shall be determined at the annual meeting. They shall be payable at the first October meeting, or upon acceptance of membership.
It is expected that only simple refreshments will be served by the hostess.
A proposed amendment to the By-Laws may be submitted in writing at any regular meeting of the Club.
It shall be acted upon at the next regular meeting and a two-thirds vote, by ballot, shall be necessary to pass the amendment.
Any rule of the Club may be temporarily suspended by unanimous consent.
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